Bananas Apparently Less Good To Be Consumed At Breakfast

Bananas Apparently Less Good To Be Consumed At Breakfast

During this time, we often consider banana as one of the highly recommended fruits for breakfast. Filling banana is considered a way that we do not consume food in excess so it will be very good for those who do weight loss program. Unfortunately, nutritionists say if bananas are not the ideal food to eat at breakfast and would potentially make the diet program not running normally. How does this happen? Here is the explanation.

Nutrition experts do not dismiss if bananas have a lot of good nutrition for the body like fibre, potassium, to a very high magnesium levels. Unfortunately, many people are less aware if bananas are rich in sugar content. They also mention if in a banana alone we can find 25 percent of the content is sugar. In fact, as we know, sugar is one of the main triggers of increase in sugar levels in the body that can trigger weight problems and other health problems.

Many people who confess if after consuming bananas at breakfast, he will feel more energized to do many things. In fact, we will tend to experience increased energy for a moment and in the end, we will feel faster hunger and fatigue so that we are easier to consume less healthy food, especially before lunch hour.

Although less well considered, bananas can still be consumed at breakfast, provided that this fruit is combined with other foodstuffs. Hopefully, with the consumption of food that is more healthy and balanced, then we will be better in controlling blood sugar levels and despair so that the risk of metabolism and digestive problems can be addressed immediately. Hopefully, after reading this article, you better know what to eat when breakfast, so you can still run a healthy life.

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