Common sign for TV repair

Common sign for TV repair

Ever intended to call Apple TV repair plantation when the image on your television screen is stripped but not opaque? Some people even encounter problems like this, maybe even on their latest TV, where some advanced features are added.

Symptoms of Damage

This one is also common on TV and is one of the most common damage. Normally the image will remain colored and not blurry, but in the drawing, the lines will make the image obscure. Things like this would be very disturbing watching at home.

In general, things like this will occur due to damage that occurs in the power supply, where the incoming voltage is too large and exceeds the needs of the TV itself. (Read also: How to Eradicate Mosquitoes)

How to overcome

If you experience the above problems, clear the voltage measurement on Elco should be done immediately, because if Elco voltage is not appropriate, then certainly the component can not work properly and maximally. Make sure the ripple voltage does not exceed 10 VP-p, because if it exceeds that number, then Elco is not working properly. If it turns out that during this ripple voltage exceeds that number, then the Elco replacement is the right step to overcome this problem because the possibility of Elco has been damaged and dry.

This is what causes the appearance of lines on the TV, due to smaller raster and not in accordance with the needs. Immediately address this problem quickly, so the damage to the TV will not get worse. Replace old Elco with a new one and according to the proper requirement, for the TV to work again properly and the picture quality is clearer than ever. Of course, letting a professional TV repair technician works is better than challenging yourself to deal with a DIY repair.

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