Dancing While Playing Violin? Why Not?

Dancing While Playing Violin? Why Not?

Are you looking for event entertainment ideas? Or maybe trying to get that job? Today there are so many kinds of event entertainment ideas, especially in the field of music. You can search on video upload sites. The more creative the idea is, the more people will love it.

One event entertainment idea is to combine the violin game with dancing. Of course, it is not easy to do this. First, you must be good at playing the violin. Second, you must have a high concentration of doing two things at once. Swiping the violin properly while dancing is not easy. If you just look through the video, it looks easy because the audio has been recorded and they just dance. But when done live, it certainly will not be that easy.

For that, not many people who play the violin while dancing. To increase your popularity, you can do promotion on video upload sites. By showing an interesting concept then more people will watch your video. When you start attracting the attention of many people, then you will be invited to various places to fill the show by showing the skills they have. Certainly, must use interesting concepts so that people will not be fooled by the videos you upload.

In a special way to play the violin while dancing, you can create simple movement but still fascinating. Or when you cover other songs, you can add your own arrangement to make your appearance even more beautiful. Ideas like these will usually be appreciated by people. But you must be prepared if there are other competitors who do things similar to yours. You need to be creative in innovating so that what you do will still be yours.

That’s one event entertainment idea you can do if you have the ability to play the violin. Invite people who are known and have the ability to dance. That way you can combine two ideas into one exciting show.

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