Poor diet and consuming unhealthy foods with no rules causes the body to become unhealthy. People prefer to eat instant food and instant because many people are too busy with activities and work so that the diet is not regular. They consume food without considering their health and the content contained in the food. Bad habits can also be a cause of your body is not healthy like the habit of sleeping too late at night and other habits such as eating foods and beverages that are not healthy.

Starting from now let’s do a healthy life by doing things that can keep our body healthy. The way to keep our body healthy can be a modern or natural way. You can also do small things that are easy but will have an important effect in maintaining body health. Here are some ways to keep your body healthy:


1. Fill the fibrous food

The body needs fiber-containing foods to keep the body from attacking bacteria, the fibre also serves to stimulate the smooth expenditure of dirt from within our body through the activity of the intestinal tract. Dirt in our body will be easily removed if the fibre needs are met. If the dirt in the body difficult to remove due to lack of fibre, the dirt in the body can accumulate so it can be toxic in the body and cause disease. Meet your body needs with enough fibre.

2. Breakfast before 9 o’clock

Breakfast is very important to maintain the health of our body. It has been agreed by some experts that the best breakfast is breakfast before 9 am. Breakfast is very important because in the morning our stomach condition is empty because it has been processed when we rest at night which is about 7 to 8 hours. Breakfast is our source of energy for daytime activities. Leaving breakfast can cause the body becomes weak, lethargic, less powerful and hard to think.