Error In Using The Hair Straightener Tool

Use a hair tool, such as a hair dryer or hair straightener, no need special techniques right? If the hairdryer, you just directed it to the hair. Likewise with the hair straightener. However, it turns out, using hair tool cannot be arbitrary. False grasp, incorrect comb, to set the temperature can be the cause of damaged hair without you knowing it. Visit and find out the best hair straightener. Take a look at the error while using the following hair tools. Did you do one of them?

– Do not Clean It Before Used

Who diligently clean the hair tool before using it? Well, we thumb up for you doing this. In fact, hair tools are required to be cleaned regularly. Hairdryer, for example, must be routinely cleaned so that the wind channel or nozzle free of dust that accumulates. hair straightener should also be cleaned so that the remaining hair oil attached to the plate does not interfere. The surface of the oil-covered plate can make the use of hair straightening tools not maximal. The temperature can be less heat, the application can make hair attracted or caught.

– Direct Setting With Hot Temperature

What does it feel if your skin is exposed to a hair straightener plate? Or, a hair dryer directed to your face? Hot is not it? This is also felt by your hair, so be careful when setting the hair tool temperature. Some people are deliberately set the highest temperature for more tidy hair. In fact, the temperature in your hair tool varies according to the type or character of the hair. You who have normal hair, dry, damaged or being colored, just set the temperature at a level of 100 ° – 150 ° Celsius. The normal and ‘safe’ temperature used for each hair type is 150 ° – 190 ° Celsius. If the character of her hair is thick and unruly, then you can use the highest temperature.

– Using a Wrong Comb

Generally, when drying your hair or using hair straighteners, you will use the comb as an aid. Do you know? Comb also determines the result so hair tool used. If you are a metal comb enthusiast, save for a moment when you use the hair tool. Comb made from this is good when used on normal hair, but when used with hair tool with hot temperature, it will turn to damage the hair shaft. We recommend using a plastic toothed comb or comb with a brush from natural hair. This type of brush ‘grips’ the hair with a fitting and will not be affected by the temperature of the hairdresser used.

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