Mirabow or Malaccan ironwood for decking

Mirabow or Malaccan ironwood for decking

it may be for some people Malaccan ironwood timber that is currently populated in Borneo is exported outward. outsiders are more familiar with this Malaccan ironwood wood called Yellow Ballew. The Malaccan ironwood wood is a classified a lot of wood decking needs, as the water-resistant wood Malaccan ironwood is also resistant to wood decay. On the other hand, you can also check out ipe cost if you wish to find the best decking materials at the affordable prices.

malaccan ironwood looks almost like camphor wood but has a brighter color and wood pores larger pores. almost all wood decking products from mirabow wood, Malaccan ironwood, Ulin, and other woods have the standard size, including for export request. the most widely used size is 1.8cm x 9cm wide by random length 200cm to 400cm. in installing wooden decking Malaccan ironwood still recommended to use wooden pads, to avoid the expansion of wood and mushrooms.intacking can with antislip at the top, or behind.

the use of Malaccan ironwood wood for the garden or swimming pool can create a shady and luxurious impression, any color when combined with the color of the wood will still look harmonious., Malaccan ironwood wooden appearance before given a touch of the coating will look younger. the already coated.

the coating appearance is the natural coating (original color of wood). the color display can be custom some colors depending on taste. The mirabow wood as known as Malaccan ironwood wood decking that almost resembles wooden decking line because it is given a touch of brown bark color.

Different from indoor parquet or flooring, inputting decking should be at least 5mm distance between wooden plates with each other, considering for the outdoor area with the condition of wood that is exposed to heat and rain will happen expansion with 5mm distance can accommodate expansion.

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