Some Facts about Jesus Christ

Some Facts about Jesus Christ

Undoubtedly, Jesus Christ is the central figure of the Bible. Therefore, it is very important that we read the Word of God and listen to some of the things that this Word says about who Jesus is. By always reading the word of God in the Bible then hopefully we all can avoid the bad things because it will always be protected by God. To be able to always remember Jesus as our savior all it would be better if you put pictures of Jesus in your house so you can also feel the sense of security and peace that will be created at home. Apart from that, here are some facts about Jesus Christ and its verse!

1. Jesus Christ: the Son of God
To begin our survey of who Jesus Christ is, we will read John 10: 35-36. There, in a conversation with some Jews, Jesus said:

“If they are to whom the word was spoken, then God is called – and Scripture is irrevocable – do you still say to Him who is sanctified by the Father and whom He has sent into the world: You blaspheme God! For I have said, ‘I am the Son of God?’

As we can see in these verses, Jesus says that He is the Son of God, which means God is His Father. So, the first thing we see about who Jesus is is: He is the Son of God. The fact that Jesus Christ is indeed the Son of God is witnessed in many other parts of the Bible. For example, when an angel informs Mary that she will be the mother of Jesus, she also tells Mary that Jesus will be called the Son of God.

2. Jesus Christ: The Savior of the world
After understanding that Jesus is the Son of God, let’s continue to see some other things about who He is. Here are the proofs of the verse:

“And if a man hears my words, but do not do them, I am not his judge, for I have not come to judge the world, but to save him.”

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