Some Signs That Can Tell You If You Are a Social Media Addict

Some Signs That Can Tell You If You Are a Social Media Addict

The impact of technological development is greatly felt by everyone. Based on the #StatusofMind survey with 1,479 respondents of youth ages 14 to 24, Instagram has a positive impact in terms of self-expression. But photo sharing apps can have a negative effect on body image, sleep, and loss fears.

In addition, other social media such as Facebook is also in the spotlight. Many young people say they feel panicked and physically ill if they do not upload dozens of selfs a day on Facebook.

Well, are you one who can not get out of social media? Here are 5 signs you are addicted to play social media.

1. Can not stay away from smartphone
One of your signs of social media addiction is that you can not get out of the phone, even while having dinner alone with a partner. You think dinner would be less romantic if you did not share that information with your friends on social media.
In addition, the phone is the first thing you look for when you wake up. Usually, those who are addicted to social media do not want to be away from cell phones, so always put it beside the bed or under the pillow.

2. Always update the status
You always take advantage of all the opportunities available to update your status on social media. If necessary you also do so while accompanying children to sleep.

3. Tell everyone about anything in social media
The third sign of addiction is when someone asks how the weekend is, you answer it with “Do not you see how interesting the photos I uploaded on Instagram?”. Then you feel annoyed that the person does not see the photos or videos you upload on social media and then unfollow them.

4. Will not to miss any information
The first thing you do when a famous person dies is to immediately find out information about the person, especially about his career.
The first reason you do it because you want to always be known to know the latest information and upload it on social media.

5. Write comments anywhere
The last sign of social media addiction is that you often use the word “lol” when responding to other people’s jokes.

After seeing the signs above, are you among the ones who are addicted to social media?

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