The Dangerous of Having Cavities

The Dangerous of Having Cavities

If a person has clean teeth and is also well maintained, then this may indicate that a person is a person who is a very healthy body. However, there are many problems that can come to your dental health. If you already know that your teeth are problematic, visit Waterloo Dentist immediately. You are directly handled by a team of professionals in dental care. Because, if not addressed immediately, you will experience the following:

– Infection of Blood Vessels

The first hazard that can arise due to cavities is that it can cause an infection of the blood vessels. This can be due to germs, bacteria and also dirt coming from a tooth that can enter and infect the blood vessels. The infection inside these blood vessels is very dangerous. In addition, to interfere with the smooth flow of blood, the infection can also spread to all organs of the body is fed by blood vessels that have been infected.

– Disorders of tooth nerves
Hollow teeth that are not directly given the right medical treatment, will also cause other harm that is not pleasant for your body. This will affect the nervous condition of your teeth. There is a possibility that your tooth nerve will become Dead or damaged, so this may result in an abnormal tooth condition, excessive pain, and also cause other nervous conditions to be affected.

– Teeth feel very painful
Dangers of cavities which is one of the direct effects of cavities that the sufferer is an excessive pain. This condition will cause the cavities will feel pain and also pain, not only when eating, but also when not doing the activity. The possibility of teeth will hurt and also feel very painful, especially when the cavities have entered into the tooth nerve, which would be very dangerous and painful.

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