The Possibility For Gaming Industry is Endless

The Possibility For Gaming Industry is Endless

The video game is one of the most popular types of entertainment these days. It’s true that some parts of the society think that this is just another type of toxin that has made so many people have lost their lives. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite true. So many people have been rich because of this gaming industry, it’s either because of they’re part of the video game companies, the E-sports athletes, or even simply as parts of the people who are running video game stores. Today, this piece of technology has reached a whole new level of its evolution, and so many people have the high hype for its new development, the virtual reality (VR).

This new development in the gaming industry is quite fast, especially it’s not that long enough since today’s generation just have a taste of the next gen video game consoles, the PS4 and XBOX ONE. The rapid changes and advancement in the gaming industry these days are so fast that some people might don’t know what’s new if they’ve just ignored the news from this industry even for a while.

Remember back in the days, where gaming is still limited to the arcade. People have to buy coins and go into a long queue just to play an 8-bit video game. Then it’s all changed significantly while the video game machine or now we call it as “console” can come into the house. It’s such a rare luxury back in the 80s to have a Nintendo or SEGA to be played in your house.

Another “BOOM” in the video game industry is when the PS1 emerges on the market for the first time. However, this memorable console from the 90s and early 2000s is not just having one “boom”. The second explosion happens when the final fantasy xii has been made. It shows the other video game developers back in the days that PS1 can do a lot better with 3D graphics instead of 2D, and that’s the beginning of so many 3D and virtual reality game that we are all playing today. Who knows, someday we might even be able to enter the video game world itself by linking our brain to the game itself, just like in the anime called Sword Art Online. The gaming industry possibility is endless, and it won’t just be an escape from our daily lives anymore, but instead, it might be a whole new level of lifestyle in the near future.

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