Using sandpapers based on your necessities

Using sandpapers based on your necessities

If you already have the desired type of sandpaper then how to use sandpaper easily? Is there a certain technique in sanding? Here are some tips on sanding to get smooth and flat results that we’d like to share with you. In the meantime, you may visit and find out more about the recommended tools to make your wood smooth.

Use a wooden beam if you are going to do sanding on a top table, or a piece of wood that requires a high level of flatness. The use of these blocks will avoid the occurrence of grooves on the wooden surface if you use your fingers to sand. This is because the pressure of the finger will not be evenly distributed as if you were using a wooden block.

Use a cylindrical sponge if you will sand the wooden surface curved for example carving or elbow furniture. A sponge will help the sandpaper to follow the indentation of the wood so that the result will also smooth.

Use a pallet blade commonly used to apply putty. Scrub the sandpaper blades on the pallets and sandpaper on the hard-to-reach parts such as the elbows or elbows that have glue marks. Pressure from the tip of the pallet blade will make the glue layer and on the elbow smooth.

Use a sander machine, for those of you who want to sand large fields or to remove coating layers then you can use a sandpaper machine. This sandpaper machine will move quickly and erode the uneven surface quickly, saving you time and effort to sand. The results obtained are of course very smooth.

Stop when the surface is smooth. To find out if the wood surface is smooth you can feel it. Most woodworkers declare fine wood after palpation.

Do Finishing With The Right Cat For Fine Results

Finishing does not just stop in the sanding section only. After sanding you should use the right finishing materials. Not all finishing materials will give a smooth and flat result. Even for the process of finishing it, you must pay attention to various kinds of the right way. The right wooden paint product with smooth results is found in water-based wood paint.

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