Modern lifestyle is a social phenomenon that occurs due to various influences that arise in society. Modern lifestyle greatly affects the values that have been embedded and inherent in family life so that the family inevitably confronted with those values; Which ultimately must determine the attitude to accept or reject it. The inclusion of foreign and new values and outsiders made families struggle for different values. As a result, the family experienced various problems and objections to the value.

In the current era of globalisation, wider and deeper attention and observation of the family is needed. Books, magazines, newspapers, television, video, compact discs (CDs), laser disks, the Internet, telephones, mobile phones, are flooded with intriguing offerings.


– Development in the field of Communication and Information

Communication is a means to disclose and convey information to others. What we mean and we want can be realised through a unilateral or two-sided communication that tells each other and speaks. That means communication is a fundamental need in human life. Communication is a means that creates relationships and interactions between two or more people, who need each other. People do not need to meet to communicate. Simply by phone or mobile phone, they can express their needs and intentions, and information about what happened.

– Women in Career

In this modern era, all the old values slowly begin to change. If women used to get a small chance to get involved in various areas of community life, women now have participated in every sphere of life. Especially development in Indonesia today, opens opportunities for all levels of society, both upper and lower levels, both men and women can participate in development. The myth that women are just housewives and doing kitchen work is irrelevant.

– Effect of Modern Living Style on the Family

The wave of globalisation, the rapid and sophisticated flow of information and communication is not only profitable but also has a negative impact that threatens family life. Therefore, attention to the family is needed. The family is the smallest unit as well as the basic unit of society, nation, and country.