What is a Domain?

What is a Domain?

Like a building, the land where the building stands is hosting, while the building is the website, and the address of the building is the domain cheap domain names. Often people are turned upside down in understanding this term. Do not worry, you are not alone, I was so first. Then to have it, you can buy it at domain provider or provider cheap domain names, like our website.

One thing to remember, this domain name does not mean after you buy then it could be yours. No, domain name ownership has a validity period. Minimum 1 year. And after expired, you can extend if you still want to use it. Ideally, when choosing a domain name to be used there is a memorable and spoken. Making it easier for other people who want to visit your site.

Furthermore, if you already have a domain address, make sure to connect to your hosting server so that the domain can be accessed. The term is IP pointing. It means point your IP address to your IP hosting domain. After that new people can see you on the internet. In addition, there are also some terms that are often used, such as:

– Sub Domains
– Addon Domain
– Parking Domain

Sometimes choosing a domain name can make a headache for the person who will create the website. Interesting website names can have a major impact on the viability of your online business. So, what should we look at when choosing a domain name?

– Impressive
A good domain name should be remembered. Sure, there is a function of “bookmark” on the internet. But having a memorable name will make it easier for people to recall your site. We recommend that you create a strong impression and represent the business you are running. As much as possible avoid lies and words that are hard to read.

– Brief
Twenty characters max. It would be better if only ten. Due to the long and complicated domain names will be difficult for others, and will be more difficult to remember.

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