What is the Best Office Space Temperature for Employees?

What is the Best Office Space Temperature for Employees?

If we make a deal of what degree of temperature a comfortable room for our office, then will not be met. It is because everyone has a comfortable size alone in determining the temperature of the room. The problem is measuring the ‘right’ temperature depending on what we measure. But to make it easier for employees to adjust the working room temperature, it would be better if using the best wifi thermostat so they can set their working room temperature quickly and precisely.

Regardless, a study was conducted on nine employees. At 25 degrees Celsius, they typed nonstop with a 10% error rate. But when it is lowered by five degrees, productivity is reduced by double the error.

The office room temperature affects productivity and way of thinking. The warm room is suitable for creativity, while cold ones are suitable for monotonous workers. The room above 27 degrees Celsius is not suitable for counting.

Room temperature can even affect the ability to collaborate. A study of 33 people in a warm room showed a warm interaction between them. Other studies show the ideal temperature for ‘typical’ office work such as serving customers or processing written documents is 22 degrees Celsius.

What would be our suggestion is the room temperature adjustment to the needs of our office. If we move in the field of service or processing the document, then a slightly warm office temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius is the recommended choice.

It would be better if in the office there is a place to warm and cool the body. It could be said, using psychological tricks to satisfy everyone while saving on electricity costs. Thus, our employees can customize their own ‘comfortable’ temperature requirements for them. Apart from that, our suggestion also invites to build a harmonious relationship with other colleagues in the office.

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